1. DON'T delete whole EVE VM from VM Ware Workstation or ESXi.

2. Just remove all HDD drives from your VM.

3. Add NEW HDD with your desired size

4. Install EVE-PRO from ISO

5. Your bought Licence will be valid for your EVE

Warning: ESXi reinstallation, version upgrade to the newer version or VM movement with vMotion may cause EVE invalid licence!

Warning: When choosing CPU settings for your EVE VM, please do not change "Number of cores per processor" as this will make your license invalid. Please always leave this setting at "1" If you would like to assign more CPU resources, then increase the "Number of processors."


VM Ware Workstation


Procedure Backup for Vmware Workstation ( Player ) , ESXi or Fusion !!! 

Backup your VM: Manually copy the folder containing your VM ( vmx,vmdk files etc etc ) . This is the ONLY method to recover your VM in case of disaster.

Backup VM can be copied back to the same PC where you installed it initially. Copy to another PC or server license of EVE PRO will not work.