Download Links and info for EVE-NG Professional/Learning Center Edition ONLY

EVE-NG Professional/Learning Center Version 2.0.4-42

This edition require license ( 99 € w/o VAT per year )

For EVE-NG Free Community Edition check Community Page


Read here the End User License Agreement : EULA

Ready to go OVA  (HDD in OVA is only 40G. Add new HDD per your needs)

Installation ISO:


OVA Algorithm Checksum
  MD5 99447E860F2DABBD8207051A04C43565
  SHA1 55929247DCACA24BE06C095F08C2A6259A986391





ISO Algorithm Checksum
  MD5 47630DF5F3A4F9ECFFA15552D9D74FCD
  SHA1 FEFAD5B53AB777F701EF28CBC7F9632022B9E2A2