Exporting a single Lab to a second eve VM

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Exporting a single Lab to a second eve VM

Post by seanachai » Tue Nov 24, 2020 12:17 pm

Hi All

Questions around exporting/ cloning labs or part thereof:

1. Is it possible to export a specific lab topology to a second eve VM, without having to export all the respective directories under /opt/unetlab e.g. labs, tmp, addons etc.

2. Is it possible to extract a section of lab topology to use as another lab on same eve VM or to a second eve VM ?

This is useful when you have a block or reuseable chunk of topology you want to use across multple labs. For example I may built a Kubernetes cluster in one lab, and rather than rebuild it again and install K8S I want to reuse the K8S cluster in different topologies.


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