Using SecureCRT as telnet handler in Ubuntu

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Using SecureCRT as telnet handler in Ubuntu

Post by Len4i » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:43 pm


I've moved to Ubuntu from Windows, and don't know much about UNIX.
I've installed eve-ng-integration pack for linux.
All works fine, but i want to use SecureCRT instead of regular terminal for connecting to devices through console.

I've changed file eve-ng-integration :

from :
elif url.scheme == 'telnet':
cmd = 'telnet {host} {port}'.format(**data)

elif url.scheme == 'telnet':
cmd = 'SecureCRT /telnet {host} {port}'.format(**data)

Now when i open console of the device, first of all, ubuntu is opening terminal and run "SecureCRT /telnet x.x.x.x".
After it SecureCRT is opened but also terminal window is staying alive.
But what is more uncomfortable - All the time SecureCRT is opened in different window, so there are different processes.

Any advice how to make it run as one process with different tabs?
And if it is possible, to handle terminal window when it starting SecureCRT...

Many thanks in advance.

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