VM Image Bundling

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VM Image Bundling

Post by darodger » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:32 am

Tried to see if this has been requested before but couldn't find anything with the keywords I used. So here it goes.

1) With a lot of the VMs these days they require that for the control plane you create one VM, for the line cards you create another, and so on. They're essentially the same device, but when you start getting into scenarios where you have 2 control plane VMs, 3 or 4 line card VMs, etc. It gets a bit hard to make a nice looking diagram.

I would like to see a feature added that would allow us to create the VMs, and then choose to bundle them on the screen as a single image.

I know people will say "But then how would you connect from one to the other, or from a specific line card to another device."

My answer for that is modify the link connect pop-up so that instead of just having "device 1 <link pull down>" and "device 2 <link pull down>", another pull down is available above that if the device has been merged that says "x-device component", and you can choose "control plane 1, 2, line card 1-5, etc.." and then it would show you that VMs links for the connection process.

2) The ability to hide links entirely and make them transparent, or a check mark for the link connection that gives you the option so that when "hide labels" is chosen, that link fits the bill and is hidden to. This would help with management clouds etc.. Rather than either having to have links running all over the place, or multiple management clouds / or other bridges spread multiple places throughout the diagram you could use one, run your links to it and then hide them. (preferably it's own "hide link", and if wishes were fishes, a "hide exclusively, or hide when labels are hidden" option. Something to that effect.

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