Web Conferencing & Scheduling for EVE-NG Learning Center

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Web Conferencing & Scheduling for EVE-NG Learning Center

Post by gmpublic1701 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:11 am

Hi EVE-NG Team,
Very surprised today to see homepage announcement of your 1st Hosted Service Partnership.

Looked at the EVE-NG roadmap and noted that the Learning Center edition would greatly benefit from:

Full Web Conferencing functions:
- video/audio conferencing (instructor teaching a class of students who join lecture by video and/or audio)
- desktop sharing (instructor or student shares desktop (to see console sessions, labs, etc) to 1 or more viewers for troubleshooting, tutoring, demonstrations)
- chat system (messaging individuals, arbitrary groups, all students)
- shared whiteboard
- suggest looking at www.bigbluebutton.org open source project and consider integrating with EVE-NG. Very stable, capable package will save you from re-inventing entire wheel.

Integrated Web Reservation Calendar.
- see www.bookedscheduler.com open source project for inspiration.
- Assuming EVE-NG Learning Center is targeting classrooms and training organizations, there is a need to organize reservations for lab time.
- An online calendar that is integrated with EVE-NG user accounts and roles should control lab login access according to reserved time-slots.
- Additional feature would include a billing system that tracks user's actual lab usage versus pre-paid credits.

Integration with LDAP or OAuth
- Instructors hate wasting time managing user accounts
- using LDAP or OAuth to enable centralized account management would be a huge timesaver. Create account once and use it on many systems (linux/windows/apps/EVE-NG/etc); use Google Authenticator to manage logins/passwords/2-factor authentication)

These features would go a long way towards adding significant value to the Learning Center edition
Hope this is useful.


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