Cisco ISE 2.4

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Cisco ISE 2.4

Post by nbctcp » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:07 am

Wanna ask
1. anyone ever tried Cisco ISE 2.4 with Eve-NG Community
If I want lighter possible. Should I use version 2.1 instead

2. ... -cisco-ise
that link convert vmdk to qcow
when the license expired after 90 days
Can I simply wipe the image to get another 90 days
I need to get another trial license


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Re: Cisco ISE 2.4

Post by Uldis (UD) » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:16 am

Actually there is an option to squeeze this image after coversation to qcow2.
But your EVE HDD must have plenty of space x2 of virtual size of ISE.
Means if ISE original ova was made on 200g virtual hdd, then in the eve must be 200x2=400gb free spage to make this conversation.

after coversation to qcow2 is done:
find your coverted image location, example windows node.


virt-sparsify --compress virtioa.qcow2 compressedvirtioa.qcow2

if hda then
virt-sparsify --compress hda.qcow2 compressedhda.qcow2

After compress is completed, then you can rename compressed file to be as hda.qcow2
and test your node on lab.
Original hda.qcow2 remove only if new compressed node is fine


Uldis (UD)
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Re: Cisco ISE 2.4

Post by Uldis (UD) » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:18 am

This sparsify process was written for windows nodes, but it fits for any.

Advanced instructions on how to make your image smaller in size (sparsify&compress).

After you have done all the steps above and your default image is created, you can compress its HDD and make it smaller.

IMPORTANT: for compressing an image you must have sufficient free space on your EVE host, the free space must exceed the total space (30GByte in this example) of the HDD you plan to shrink. The space needed can vary but will be the total space of the disk to be shrunk plus the size of the final sparsified and compressed image. To be safe you should have double the size of the HDD you want to shrink as free space on your EVE host. In our example we needed 35Gbyte of free HDD space. Once this process is done, the temporary file(s) will be deleted and free space reclaimed.

From the CLI: go to your windows image directory:

cd /opt/unetlab/addons/winserver-2012R2

and perform the sparsify command:

virt-sparsify --compress virtioa.qcow2 compressedvirtioa.qcow2

This will take some time and another compressed image will be created in the same image directory (win-7test)
now you can rename your original virtioa.qcow2 file to orig.qcow2

mv virtioa.qcow2 orig.qcow2

Rename the compressed image name to virtioa.qcow2:

mv compressedvirtioa.qcow2 virtioa.qcow2

now you can test your new compressed image on a lab, just wipe the node and start it.
If the compressed node works fine, you can delete your original source image:

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