Activating license on F5 LTM

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Activating license on F5 LTM

Post by BalluCCIE » Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:59 pm

*Subject: Activating license on F5 LTM*

Description: I have been running Virtual Windows7 node in Unetlab, (Unetlab is installed on HP Z800 server VMWare ESXI) I am trying to activate license on F5 through Web Interface through Window7 Virtual node in Unetlab.
I am accessing this server from my laptop through vSphere Client.
Now I am unable to copy and paste the dossier from that virtual node (VNC viewer) to my Laptop browser. I tried to create a new notepad file and pasted the code into it. Tried to configure USB port on VMWare ESXi so that Virtual node (Windows 7) could show it. But no luck !! Anyone aware how to do it?

I have already performed below steps:

1. Tried to change settings on vnc viewer..
2. Tried to locate the folder of VNC viewer using win scp using SFTP but unable to locate the notepad file which has the code.
3. Tried to type the code as fast as possible but no luck since the page expires.
4. Tried to use OCR but it is not giving me a precise output.
5. I did some troubleshooting using below the link: ... E800D.html

6. I even tried to configure passthrough but the USB device is detecting in the hardware section but unable to detect in passthrough ports.

Have been playing around it since last 15 days, Will you be able to help me on it ?

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