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Network and display on Bare Metal eve-ng (community) on Intel NUC 10 "frost canyon" NUC10i7FNH

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 5:51 pm
by pokui
Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to the devs for such a great suite of tools.

As for my hardware I have the (12 core) i7 model with 64GB RAM and a 256GB NVMe SSD drive.

Install was basically painless with just a few issues.
  1. The onboard ethernet is not supported.
    Checking the latest ubuntu 16.04.6 (which was my base install) shows that the eno driver was updated to support this card, maybe the eve kernel can be updated to support it.
    I got round this by using a USB ethernet adapter.
    (in the debug output in the attachment the other network card that doesn't attach to any driver is the wireless)
  2. The display isn't supported (and during the install there are warnings about missing firmware for the i915 driver)
    This means the console is completely black as linux boots which was confusing at first. (added to the ethernet not working). I ended up editing my /etc/default/grub so that grub isn't silent and I could tell at least when the boot had started. I intend to mostly run this headless but it would be good to be able to have console incase something messes up my system or if I need to change how my network works before plugging it in.
As an observation, I see that mitigations for spectre etc are not disabled in the install. I'm going to test a few labs now and then see if disabling them makes a difference with my CPU usage. Yes, I understand the risks if I turn off this mitigation but for my usecase I think it's acceptable if it makes a difference.

I have attached
the output of:

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sudo lshw -json -c system -c display -c network -sanitize
as well as:

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sudo journalctl -b --utc --dmesg -a

Let me know if any other data is needed, and I'm willing to test any changes etc.