Recommended Nexus N9K release (EVE)

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Recommended Nexus N9K release (EVE)

Post by cbarbudo » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:10 pm

I've tested 7.0.3 releases & 9.3.2, but use to have some unstability with release 9.3.2 (not related to CPU or Memory peaks on EVE).

Any recommended N9K for EVE labs? Did you suffered similar issues with recent N9K releases?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Recommended Nexus N9K release (EVE)

Post by abmedhat » Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:09 am

I don't believe that there is a recommended version.

Most of the time it is stable "~80%".

Currently I use two versions for the Nexus 9K 7.0.3.I7.7 and 9.3.1. Have tried other versions of the 7.0.3.x family before.

Randomly from time to time I get crashes for both versions, also not a resources issues.
I'm running eve on bare metal on a HP DL360 G7 with 16CPU and 48G RAM.

A simple topology with two Nexus switches running vPC, and one of them just crash randomly.

Tried to enable/disable UKSM, still get crashes from time to time, so I doubt that its related.

May be we might be missing something here.

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Re: Recommended Nexus N9K release (EVE)

Post by mucholoco » Mon May 31, 2021 1:13 pm

I have not found any N9K image that has the stability other other device types, I tend to use either 9.2.4 or 9.3.5 depending on the lab size as they both have their own issues.

9.3.5, 9.3.6 and 9.3.7 aren't too bad as long as you dont go above 5 or 6 devices. Once you add more than this the new devices are really slow to boot and when they do the interface line card normally fails.

Mod Ports Module-Type Model Status
--- ----- ------------------------------------- --------------------- ---------
1 64 Nexus 9000v 64 port Ethernet Module pwr-cycld
27 0 Virtual Supervisor Module N9K-vSUP active *

Mod Power-Status Reason
--- ------------ ---------------------------
1 pwr-cycld Unknown. Issue show system reset mod ...

This has a knock on effect of making the other N9Ks unstable, some freezing and others randomly having the same line card issues. Rebooting sometimes fixes them, but due to load times is unworkable. I haven't been able to find any answers to this or workarounds (increasing VCPUs, mem, number of interfaces, staggered boot ups) and troubleshooting is tedious due to the long load times. This does not effect other non-N9Ks and is not related to resources, am running on ESX with less than 60% CPU used.

9.2.4 is not as stable but doesnt have the line card issue as the sup and interfaces are combined into the same one. The API is really slow on it, randomly reboots at times and when it comes up loopbacks and VPC peer links normally needed shut/ no shutting to get working. It is usable, reboots dont seem that often and at least when it comes up as long as you reset the loopbacks everything still works.

10.1(2) is now out but haven't tried that yet, hoping that will fix the line card issues.

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