XR9Kv L2vpn forwarding?

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XR9Kv L2vpn forwarding?

Post by BlakeLouis » Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:40 am

Hi guys,

I've been asked a lot about this topic so I want to shed some light to the community. I couldn't find any related topic by the search box, so if there is one, please add the url to link the threads.

Ok so VPLS up and running but no ping from clients? Well if you're using XRv (6.0.1) That version doesn't support l2vpn forwarding, you can only test your configs and validate @ the control plane level.

Not sure if XRV9k 6.6.3 support this but previous versions didn' t, at least not with eve. Probably on the virl platform? but haven't checked. Now before I give you the good news, XRv is a 32bit platform and XR9kv is 64bit linux/container based (that's in layman's terms). Plain XRv is good for learning indeed and very lightweight compared to XR9Kv, but XR9k is the closest thing to real world environments and if you have the resources, I recommend
this one since you' ll be able to test new features and btw XRv 6.0.1 is dead now, no more developing.

When you boot a XR9Kv image you will notice during the boot process a message assigning a number of vCPUs to the control plane and another to the forwarding. Assuming you
have a standard config of 4CPUs, that will be 2 cpus for control plane and 2 cpus to forwarding. Even though this happens at boot time, at least with versions previous to 6.6.3, forwarding still doesn't work.

Now the good news, with XR9k 7.0.2 It works finally !!! I tried this myself yesterday with a simple PW or p2p xconnect. My topo:


I wont explain the config here, but just a osps/mpls/ldp network between XR9kv with a simple l2vpn p2p xconnect at the endpoints (G0/0/0/1}. Client routers were pinging, cdp worked and also ospf routing between the two.

So if you already knew, well it's good news for me, who didn't know ....Enjoy!

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Re: XR9Kv L2vpn forwarding?

Post by Uldis (UD) » Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:52 pm

good man,

those are tricks of virtual images and you nailed it

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Re: XR9Kv L2vpn forwarding?

Post by tammy9931 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 7:25 pm

That is fantastic to know. That's one of the technologies I was hoping to test after dusting off some other technologies. Thanks for pushing through and letting the rest of the community know.
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