Best Way of using EVE-NG

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Best Way of using EVE-NG

Post by zoro33 » Tue Jun 07, 2022 10:28 pm

Hi guys,

i am new to EVE-NG, i've been using eve-ng for couple of weeks ago, it's really good, but what is the best way of using it, i integrated it with vmware workstation pro, and added some images, but how can i for example create a windows 10 or windows server on vmware station and integrate it with the eve-ng nodes.
mobdro kodi
for example, imagine i want to use mikrotik with 2 pcs, inside and outside, i want to l2tp vpn from the outside pc to the inside network, how can i build up this scenario on eve-ng, but i want to use the windows pcs on the vmware work station pro.

Thanks in advance!

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