UX ENHANCEMENT: enhanced external console access to Nodes

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UX ENHANCEMENT: enhanced external console access to Nodes

Post by nickwalt » Mon Sep 12, 2022 1:06 am

Currently the only way to access CLI consoles on device Nodes from an external application like Putty or SecureCRT is to drop in a management network cloud Node and manually drag visual connection lines from each device to that specific management Node.

If the design of the network being constructed in the eve-ng lab does not call for or require the addition of a visual representation of a management network the lab representation will become needlessly cluttered with undesirable visual elements.

It would be a significant enhancement for usability if users were given the choice of two modes for connecting Nodes to an externally facing management infrastructure:
- USERS WANT TO EMULATE A REAL WORLD MANAGEMENT NETWORK - Allow the user to add cloud management Nodes and drag connections from device Nodes so that they can implement a specific real-world design
- USERS JUST NEED EXTERNAL LAB NODE CONNECTIVITY - Allow the user to select an internal lab management network directly from each device Node for external console application access without any visual representation, or specify a management network in global settings that all Nodes will automatically connect to (and just need device configuration, like a Cisco VTY setup).

Also, to allow external-SSH-to-Serial console connections, where EVE-NG effectively emulates a true Serial Console Server.

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