Best route to CCIE Security?

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Best route to CCIE Security?

Post by Soulja » Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:48 am

I am currently active duty Air Force, and want to get started with obtaining some certs. I have decided the best route for me is probably CCIE Security. My current job is focused on server maintenance/repair and i am willing to admit infrastructure and networking is a huge blindspot for me.
I imagine getting my CCENT will allow me to brush up on those areas. After that I plan on trying for my CCNA as quickly as possible, then spend a year or two between CCNP and CCIE. does this seem like a feasible route to take? Is security a good field to get into?

Thanks for any advice, i realize i may be over or under estimating how quickly i can get these certs accomplished. I have three years left for the Air Force and i am trying to be ready for the transition.

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Re: Best route to CCIE Security?

Post by 7Blue » Wed Nov 03, 2021 6:00 pm

Hey mate,

First of all, there's no more CCENT, you start with CCNA.
Cisco has new certs paths now - ... r-path.pdf.

You can start with CCNA, is the entry level, you have to know and to master the basics (so many to mention), plus you must learn and master the troubleshooting process that's the most important part of the routing/switching, which is coming with experience, just doing some labs, is not enough. After 1-2, even 3 years of doing stuff at CCNA level, and after you get to the point when you know how to troubleshoot layer2/3 issues (the basics as I said) you can jump on the CCNP level, which again, is coming with some years of experience (3-4 at least), after which you can do CCIE (if you're ready to do it).
It takes years of practice and real world production issues to master Cisco, as some one from INE pointed out, takes uears to understand and to apply BGP, just learning from books and watching videos is not going to be enough, or maybe will be just to get the certification. I had come across with so many so called CCNP network guys who weren't able to prove themselves as being at the CCNP level. You pretend you're a CCNP, but you don't master the basic "show" command :))).

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