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EVE-NG Professional/Learning Center Version 5.0.1-129
This edition requires to buy license. To buy a license please go to our Buy Section
Version 5.0.1-129, 19 JAN, 2024

 Release Notes

Ready to go VM Ware OVF EVE-NG Pro VM

Download Size  7.4 Gb

(HDD in OVF is only 75Gb.  Add second HDD per your needs

ZIP Algorithm Checksum
SHA1 C2F7029A127583C3BA05480E1AB7C34290F212C9
SHA256 209DC3279ABEA366977B2BA10D541389967A7DDEEF32E07CCD27FF99D41E0469
Live ISO  EVE-NG Pro Installation
Download Size 1.4 Gb

For installation require Internet and DNS!


ISO Algorithm Checksum
SHA1 7C651672E366CD7AC17C935C71C779E27A8CCD41
SHA256 CCE268E9FD3D305E06B19E3A9B01A79961E7098B92D0CEE54004CA3C17A55E60
Offline EVE-NG Pro installation Full ISO

Download Size: 6.6 Gb (With dockers package):


ISO Algorithm Checksum
SHA1 6AA55E7AA5D9B7B17AC3F62E89CB1E3F554650C8
SHA256 82CA88D6E19CB640937204939892E3B42D3B1E3C0B3051A9363FDB1C6DACA753
VM Ware Workstation Player:

Download Vmware Workstation Player (free)


Read here the End User License Agreement:



Free EVE Community Edition Version 5.0.1-19
Version 5.0.1-19, 22 FEB, 2023

Release Notes

Ready to go OVF VM Download Size 2.7 Gb

(HDD in OVF is only 60G. Add new HDD per your needs)

ZIP Algorithm Checksum
SHA256 194A592EBF2FCABB6DB42711593634C64F2AB6D77F5D8D08D5F52B7F787E0740
Installation Live ISO Download Size 1.4 Gb (For install require Internet and DNS)

ISO Algorithm Checksum
SHA1 F7CD51D4FE188A549AF811B44FF9D90798FD91A6
SHA256 500360B08B6978E47C56B5BD6C009096AE6B940711E1FF26866806E25A8F2B2B
VM Ware Workstation Player:

Download Vmware Workstation Player (free)


Windows Client Side
Below one can find a Windows client side pack that will install everything necessary for running telnet, vnc, wireshark, rdp applications
when working on/building labs on EVE-NGIt includes:

  • Wireshark  installation
  • UltraVNC  installation
  • putty 0.73 (used as default telnet client)
  • plink 0.73 (for wireshark)
  • all necessary wrappers
  • It will modify windows registry files for proper work
  • It will save all the files on the local PC if one would like to modify for example, using SecureCRT instead of default Putty.
  • Windows 8 and 10 reg files to support tabbed SecureCRT
  • Auto detection of Windows version (7, 8, 10) ( x64 only supported )

 Download links:


Apple OSX Client Side Intel / Silicon (M1)
Below one can find a Apple OSX client side pack that will install everything necessary for running telnet, vnc, wireshark
when working on/building labs on EVE-NG It includes:

  • Wireshark 3.3.4 installation
  • Real VNC installation
  • iTerm installation
  • telnet binary installation
  • all necessary wrappers

Note for RDP:

Rdp protocol consoles require downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop ( Free ) on App Store

Note for community users using capture:

On the first usage of capture, you will have to confirm host key and to enter eve root password to create and store rsa key for further authentication.
When done,  close terminal windows and re – launch capture.


Download Link:


Linux Client Side

Below you can find a client side pack for Linux clients while working on/building labs with EVE-NG

Linux Client integration pack


EVE Resource Calculator
Below you will find EVE Server resource .xlsx calculator. You can calculate approximate CPU and RAM usage per lab.

NOTE: Running multi labs in the EVE, resources are summarizing.