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EVE-NG Professional Edition:


EVE-NG PRO platform is ready for today’s IT-world requirements. It allows enterprises, e-learning providers/centers, individuals and group collaborators to create virtual proof of concepts, solutions and training environments.

EVE-NG PRO is the first clientless multivendor network emulation software that empowers network and security professionals with huge opportunities in the networking world. Clientless management options will allow EVE-NG PRO to be as the best choice for Enterprise engineers without influence of corporate security policies as it can be run in a completely isolated environment.


EVE Professional Edition: 3.0.1-16  (25 June, 2020)

Release notes link

Upgrade notes:

If you are upgrading your EVE PRO or EVE LC form Versions or earlier, please follow the link below:

Upgrade from v2.0.x instructions link

Upgrade is NOT supported for cloud EVE versions like Google Cloud. Please install new fresh EVE Pro 3.0 cloud VM.

1. Make your EVE-NG backup:

EVE Backup instructions link

2. Follow install instructions below:

Install EVE-PRO on Google Cloud

EVE-NG Professional/Learning Center Cookbook
EVE-NG PRO/LC Cookbook version 3.1 (25 June, 2020)
Download link EVE PRO/LC Cookbook

Section updates:

3.1.1 VMware workstation EVE VM installation using ISO image
3.2.1 VMware ESXi EVE installation using ISO image
3.3 Bare hardware server EVE installation
7.8 Lab preview and global settings
9.1.5 Edit connection link style
8.1.2 Nodes, live CPU and RAM utilization monitoring
11.5.6 Create a task with your PDF workbook

Some Features:

EVE brings You the power You need to mastering your network within multivendor environment designing and testing.

  • KVM HW accelaration
  • Topology designer “click and play”
  • Import/export configuration
  • Labs xml file format
  • Picture import and maps “click and play”
  • Custom Kernel support for L2 protocols
  • Memory optimization ( UKSM )
  • CPU Watchdog
  • Full HTML5 User Interface
  • Ability to use without additionnals tools
  • Multiusers
  • Interaction with real network fully supported
  • Simultaneous lab instances
  • Derivated  from Ubuntu LTS 18.04 server for long term support 

EVE-NG-PRO Emulation Software

The brand new structure is created with many updated features and improvements.

  • Dynamic console porting, no limits, fixing issues for multi user consoling, Telnet porting choose is random
  • Hot links, interconnection running nodes, ports immediately response, shut no shut, Ethernet only
  • 1024 nodes support per lab
  • Docker containers support
  • HTML desktop console to EVE management, clientless EVE management
  • Closing feature of running lab placing it to running folder, option run more than one lab simultaneously
  • Import/export configs for eve lab to/from local PC
  • Multiuser support, Administrator role only
  • EVE User account access time limitation
  • NAT cloud, integrated NAT option with DHCP on the EVE
  • Integrated Wireshark capture using docker, ethernet only
  • Multi configurations for single lab
  • Lab design features, links and objects
  • Custom template for own node deployment
  • Lab timer for self-training
  • EVE Labs control management
  • Information display of running labs and nodes per user. Admin control of processes
  • Link quality bandwidth, delay, jitter and loss set feature
  • Google Cloud EVE PRO support
Upcoming features in EVE-NG PRO:

  • Current version display and the newest available
  • Fix permissions button on web
  • New lab design options
  • Lab search option
  • Live lab resource widget, CPU, RAM
  • Lab timer, countdown improvement


  • EVE-NG Clustering