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EVE Community Cook Book vers 5

Current status: v5.0.1-22 (05 March 2024)

EVE-NG Community v5 Release notes

Release Date
Release notes
Bug Fixes
5.0.1-24 03.04.2024 Full Pro Template support/compatibility
IOL XE support
New Templates, Catalyst 9000v
Templates init script new featue
New network Icons
Backup manager improvement
5.0.1.-22 05.03.2024 Unified directory structure with Pro edition to support new backup-manager addon, EVE Community Cookbook chapter 13
Fix alert link to running node
Added full access to templates, config_scripts , icons and net_icons from Professional Edition
Support for live update of templates, icons , net_icons, config_script vit git command
5.0.1.-19 22.02.2023 Nokia images fix, for CPM, IOM, also Single Nokia

New images templates added: Zabbix, FTD-7, FMC-7, Alienvault, etc. Image templates are matching EVE Professional version

Major bug fixes
5.0.1-13 08.07.2022 New tools for image creation eve-sparsify, eve-guestfish

New template for Clavister Router/FW cOS Core

5.0.1-12 06.06.2022 Bug fix only.
  • Virtual environment detection fix
5.0.1-11 01.06.2022 Bug fix only.
  • Ubuntu apache upgrade fix
5.0.1-10 22.05.2022 New Kernel 5.17.8  with latest fix from vanilla Kernel
  • Wipe node fix
  • CPU limit and UKSM GUI fix
5.0.1-8 21.05.2022 EVE Community Version 5, based on Ubuntu 20.04 platform.

It is including EVE Pro version engines:

  • PRO qemu package,
  • PRO Guacamole version,
  • PRO Kernel version,
  • PRO vpcs version,
  • PRO dynamips version.
  • Also, the latest CVE are fixed as well.

It is impossible to make upgrade from old EVE Community based on Ubuntu 16.04 to the new EVE Community version 5 (Ubuntu 20.04).

To safe your current EVE Community work (Labs and Images), please do backup for labs and images, and simply load contents in the new EVE Community version 5 to the same location

For backup take the following folders from your current EVE Community:

  • /opt/unetlab/labs/
  • /opt/unetlab/addons/
  • /opt/unetlab/tmp/ (note, only Pod 0 and 1 will work on the new EVE Community V5) 

EVE-NG Community V5 has limit for 2 admin accounts only.

EVE Community Cook Book vers 5


Deprecated versions

Ubuntu 16 Repositories are also closed

v2.0.3-112 release notes

!!! After Update/Upgrade, DO NOT overwrite genuine EVE templates installed with this update. This will cause lost nodes in the labs !!!

v2.0.3-112 release notes

Templates and icons update, match all templates with EVE Pro

C8000v, Android, FreeNAS and more


v2.0.3-111 release notes

System: Guacamore Security flaw fix

Templates bug fix

To fix Guacadmin http security, change password to your own.

mystrongpass is your password


v2.0.3-110 release notes

System: New Virtual Machine format (OVF) install. Refer to Cookbook Sections 3.1.2 and 3.2.2

Feature: Automatic detection of your host system CPU manufacturer.
EVE will now detect your host CPU and choose the proper template package for Intel or AMD. Refer to Cookbook Section 12.3
Bare Metal AMD EVE server users please contact us for advice.

Feature: Massive improvement for custom templates creation.
New model for creating image templates. Please refer Cookbook Section 12.3.

Templates bug fix