EVE-NG Community Edition

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We are proud to offer free EVE-NG Community edition.

Current status:

v2.0.3-112 (11 January 2021)

!!! After Update/Upgrade, DO NOT overwrite genuine EVE templates installed with this update. This will cause lost nodes in the labs !!!

v2.0.3-112 release notes

Templates and icons update, match all templates with EVE Pro

C8000v, Android, FreeNAS and more


v2.0.3-111 release notes

System: Guacamore Security flaw fix

Templates bug fix

To fix Guacadmin http security, change password to your own.

mystrongpass is your password

echo "SET @salt = UNHEX(SHA2(UUID(), 256)); UPDATE guacamole_user SET password_salt = @salt, password_hash = UNHEX(SHA2(CONCAT('mystrongpass', HEX(@salt)), 256)) WHERE username = 'guacadmin';" | mysql --user=root --



v2.0.3-110 release notes

System: New Virtual Machine format (OVF) install. Refer to Cookbook Sections 3.1.2 and 3.2.2

Feature: Automatic detection of your host system CPU manufacturer.
EVE will now detect your host CPU and choose the proper template package for Intel or AMD. Refer to Cookbook Section 12.3
Bare Metal AMD EVE server users please contact us for advice.

Feature: Massive improvement for custom templates creation.
New model for creating image templates. Please refer Cookbook Section 12.3.

Templates bug fix

EVE Community Cookbook

How to upgrade your EVE Community to the newest version