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Professional Learning Center Description
Price Free 150 EUR w/o VAT 150 EUR + Added Roles
User’s roles 2x admin accounts only 2x admins simultaneous
unlimited accounts
admin, user, editor Restrictions of the EVE usage, WEB UI, per user based
Lock user per folder User cannot see other EVE folders, only his own
Lock user edit rights User cannot edit labs, images etc
Shared Lab Folder Shared lab folder visible for all users
User’s account validity (1/4 Hour accuracy) Ability to set calendar validity for account, Date and time ( From -> To )
Lab Timer Timer for Lab training
Running labs folder User can run more than one lab. Running labs will appear in special running labs folder. Per user based
Node limit per lab 63 1024 1024 Limit of nodes to run per lab
TCP ports fixed 128 per POD Dynamic 1-65000 Dynamic 1-65000 Automatic TCP port choose for telnet session
Local Wireshark capture Local wrapper using ssh and root password to the EVE
Local Telnet client Local wrapper using locally installed telnet client
Local VNC client Local wrapper using locally installed vnc client
Wireshark integrated Docker integrated wireshark
Docker container support Docker container support
Running nodes interface connections (hot connections) Hot/live nodes interface connection
NAT Cloud Integrated NAT cloud, connect node to the internet. NAT to the EVE management interface DHCP, gateway .254
HTML console without Wireshark capture HTML console
HTML console with Wireshark capture HTML wireshark capture
HTML Desktop Console Integrated Docker PC management
Multi startup configuration choose per lab Option to create and boot lab from different startup configurations, multi startup config
Export/Import configs or config packs to local PC Option import and export single config or config packs to the lab
EVE user Radius authentication Multi Radius servers support
EVE user Active Directory authentication
Microsoft Active Directory support
Custom image template, cli based Option create own image templates.
EVE Lab chat Lab chat between EVE lab users.
Custom MAC address for Qemu nodes Option to change first interface MAC address for qemu nodes
Shared Lab
Shared Lab folder, drop lab for others
Shared Project
Shared Lab one to many, Single Lab allows work a team with single lab.
Link Quality, Delay, packet loss, jitter Feature allows apply link quality functions: packet loss, delay and rate
Link design feature Option to change connection colour, style
Rich integrated text editor Rich HTML text editor for text and objects management in the lab.
Advanced Lab design objects Round square, lines, arrowed lines, style and colour
Admin user option to join in other user lab Admin user can join to the other user lab in the parallel session
Admin user option to open parallel console session to other user node Admin user can open parallel console session to other user node
Running labs and nodes management Admin can manage other user running labs and nodes. Join or stop labs or nodes.
EVE Cook Book EVE Professional or Community Cook Book
Info about HDD/labs use per user, User infoweb GUI Information about user HDD resource use
User quota (limit cpu/ram per user) Limit cpu/ram per user. User profile EVE resource usage limitation.
Serial interface capture (IOL only)
HDLC/PPP/Frame Relay support for serial’s links
Link state and suspend / resume Link state support for Qemu, IOL, Dockers
Dark Mode Switch Lab view mode to Dark or Light mode
Lab Task management Option to add offline pdf or online document into lab Task
EVE Cluster Multi servers EVE system
EVE Backup Manager        Full Backup and Restore from Backup Solution