Release Notes

 EVE-NG Professional Release notes


Release Date
Release notes
Bug Fixes
6.0.1-53 20.05.2024
  • Juniper vRouter Startup config script
  • Juniper vEX Startup config script
  • Shared Project/Lab fix
  • Nodes list HDD info update
6.0.1-48 15.05.2024
  • Support Thinclient on cluster’s satellite.
  • Fix console open from node list
  • Fix console glitch from Logical maps
6.0.1-42 07.05.2024
  • Improved node list information
  • Fix and Tuning for KSM feature
  • Fix for dedicate CPU setting
6.0.1-38 30.04.2024
  • Backup manager update
  • New Kernel for better hardware support
  • New Ubuntu LTS 22.04 (Jammy) for Long Term Support
  • New db save db restore scripts for db issue recovery
  • New System Status Design
  • New Installer
  • Support for offline install and offline upgrade (Not from V5)
  • New dockers all based on Jammy
  • New docker in docker using SYSBOX container for security isolation
  • Support for privileged docker (Security concern : use such only for fully trusted users)
  • Latest Guacamole engine
  • Added Qemu 7 and 8
  • New templates
    IOL support for L1 activation/deactivation feature
  • Improvement of Web sync with Server in case of massive lab change. (massive object move)
  • Clustering discovery improvement
  • Support eve-backup manager to restore labs and Database from v5
5.0.1-144 21.04.2024
  • Backup manager update
  • Catalyst 9000v template update for Cluster/satellite
5.0.1-142 04.04.2024
  • Improvement mass move in the topology
  • New UI library
  • New Templates, Catalyst 9000v
  • init script new featue
  • New network Icons
  • IOL XE support
  • IOL linkstate fix feature
  • Backup manager improvement

5.0.1-131 05.03.2024
  • Support for new addon backup-manager, EVE Pro Cokbook Chapter 18
  • Fix jail creation for qemu nodes
  • Improvement for disk usage for new node started
  • Fix for Sat multicast AUTO-DISCOVERY Fallback mechanism
5.0.1-129 19.01.2024
  • IOMMU CPU support for mapping physical HW to the virtual resources
  • Templates changes for better performances
  • Default sat value on node creation depend of user profile
  • Multisat assignment to user profile improvement for backward profile compatibility
  • Editor user labs fix
  • Backend sudo root KVM process security fix
  • Nodes mass start and mass stop fix
5.0.1-120 20.12.2023
  • Feature to customise Docker, NAT and VPN/Cluster networks (System Settings)
  • Mutilple cluster servers assignment option in the user profiles (User Managaement)
  • CPU system reservation tuning (System Settings)
  • New templates
  • Feature to run docker in privileged mode via image naming by cli root user only (For private EVE server only)
  • Lab search feature, incase sensible (Main EVE Labs tree)
  • Better handling of internal networks management page (System Settings)
  • Speed API/UI improvement
  • Cluster satellite server docker console fix
  • Fix for long domain name in user’s profile (email, username for AD)
  • Fix for IPV6 support in Docker
  • Fix for Node deletion dependencies (links)
  • Fix for Sat value display in Node Overview, Node’s list and Node Edit
5.0.1-106 16.05.2023
  • New templates: Juniper vEVO
  • Network/cloud icons GIT update
  • Updated templates
  • Cluster satellite server docker console fix
  • Docker CPU settings for satellite server fix
5.0.1-103 11.05.2023
  • Lab Display/Indexing improvements
  • Docker nodes Security
  • Deletion control for locked labs
  • New CPU settings to isolate system and lab’s nodes cpu (system settings)
  • New CPU numa settings (system settings)
5.0.1-93 11.04.2023
  • Lab Display/Indexing improvements
  • New Nodes stats view
  • Node Form improvement
  • Running Node graph resource minitoring
  • EVE Initial Setup improvements
  • System Load improvement
  • UI Topology Glitches fix
  • Lab Editor/Lab User Lab sharing fix
  • HTML5 console resizing fix
  • Cache race condition issue fix

5.0.1-79 01.04.2023
  • Smart Bridge and Internal Networks. Allows you to tag native EVE bridge with VLAN ID or trunk, also 801.2ad for QnQ is supported.
  • Server side caching, makes faster WEB UI management.
  • New preview rendering engine.
  • Node start new appearence, blinking. Option: when you start very heavy nodes or installation.
  • Windows hosts CPU assignment improvement/fix.
  • WEB UI glitches, design
  • Faster fix permissions
  • Fix from previous v60, it is very recommended to do upgrade to version 5.0.1-79
  • Locked Lab fix
5.0.1-60 21.03.2023
  • Better internal cleanup
  • USB detection fix resolving GCP issues.

5.0.1-58 20.03.2023
  • Usb nic support
  • New preview rendering engine
  • Disable hot plug on virtual interface
  • Disable landscape
  • Docker third party support improvement with new static bash binary
  • Topology build improvements
  • Process scanner fix
  • Fix nbd issues
  • Mass Console FF
  • Management UI fixes
  • New Golang binaries using latest security fixes from upstream
5.0.1-20 08.07.2022
  • New tools for image creation eve-sparsify, eve-guestfish
  • New template for Clavister Router/FW cOS Core
  • Increase sat nodes up to 1024 per lab
  • Process management fix
  • Fix Dynamips issue on sat using 6 slots, master or satellite server
  • Online check for upgrade availabile
  • Nokia images fix. Pro version only. It is required to follow Nokia documentation to run it
5.0.1-17 09.06.2022
  • Rename folder fix.
5.0.1-16 06.06.2022
  • Cluster fix: inability to create lab when a sat is unreachable.
5.0.1-15 01.06.2022
  • Online check for upgrade availability
  • Ubuntu apache update fix.

5.0.1-14 25.05.2022
  • Major Distribution Upgrade to Ubuntu Focal 20.04 LTS
  • Security improvement
  • New Sat of dockers based on Ubuntu 20.04
  • New HTML5 Engine
  • New Data migration scripts (Master and Sat)

Download EVE-NG Professional V5

How to upgrade my V4 to V5

How to move my EVE V4 content to V5

  • IPV6 switch does not ignore ipv6 config anymore
  • Suppression of useless apt files
EVE-NG PRO Version 5.0.1-x
4.0.1-86 01.05.2022
  • Live data collection (cpu / memory / disk) improvement
  • System Logs WEB UI update: 

          – ssl-access-log
          – license-service
          – process-scanner
          – local units

  • Aruba CX Switch template update and initial configuration support
  • vyos router initial configuration update
  • Critical security CVE-2022-27903 vulnerabilities fix. ( Thanks to Cas van Cooten and Vincenzo Santucci of the ABN AMRO Red Team for reporting )
  • Shared lab bug fix
4.0.1-69 29.03.2022
  • Secure password usage for Satellite root in cluster
  • License check crash fix (when lic online server is unreachable)
  • NAT Cloud dhcp fix
  • Security vulnarability fix
  • Add Text widget from sidebar fix
  • GCP EVE-PRO Upgrade fix
4.0.1-65 12.11.2021
  • New templates to support:
  • Aruba Airwave AMP
  • Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager Zeus
  • FreeBSD
  • Forcepoint NGFW and SMC
  • Forescout Counter
  • Plixer Scrutinizer
  • Stormshield UTM FW
  • Watchguard FW
  • Critical Security Fix : Remote code execution / SQL Injection
  • Login to Native and HTML Desktop Console mode fix

4.0.1-62 23.10.2021
  • CPU usage improvement
  • User Interface (GUI) speed improvement for huge labs
  • Hide network clouds
  • Updated Wireshark Docker
  • Cluster qemu version mismatch version fix
  • Satellite network fix
  • System settings bug fix
4.0.1-56 27.07.2021
  • Added Juniper 128T SDWAN
  • Added Juniper Apstra AOS
  • Communication master-sat improvement
  • Support high nic on custom templates
  • Improved mysql speed
  • Layer filtering STP/DTP/DOT1Q on eth0
  • VPCS node count bug
  • Fix process-scanner dirty disk_usage entries (SWAP MEM Leak)
  • Fix AD auth port 636(SSL)
  • Remote image copy sync stuck fix
4.0.1-50 22.06.2021
  • Networking: Extra (3) Private and Internal clouds
  • New templates: Z-Scaler, Netropy
  • New Qemu versions added: 5.2.0, 6.0.0
  • Double Radius authentication fix
  • User database speed optimisitaion, login speed
  • Cache/Disk/Memory Sync and Flash fix
  • New lab auto open fix
4.0.1-34 01.05.2021
  • Shared lab feature, One-to-many
  • Sticky lab feature update, Sticky lab for Lab user
  • User authentication Active Directory/LDAP support
  • Dynamips 7200 first interface fix
  • Critical HDD size warning fix

4.0.1-16 07.03.2021
  • Logzilla support
  • EVE Lab chat fix
  • Dynamips C7200 template fix
4.0.1-15 03.03.2021
  • Graph node traffic interface
  • EVE Process/Bridge Cleaner Fix to preserve system bridges
4.0.1-8 07.02.2021
  • EVE Cluster security update
  • Offline Cookbook  EVE WEB GUI
  • New Kernel update
4.0.1-3 04.02.2021
  • Satellite disaster recovery
  • Lab mass stop fix
4.0.1-1 03.02.2021
  • EVE-NG Cluster
  • User management improvement
  • User Lab sticky feature
  • User Console sticky feature
  • Stat collection Improvement
  • Wireshark early Open
  • Interface length bug
  • Username bug fixes
  • Task name bug fix
3.0.1-21 12.01.2021
  • Fix issue using @ in username in html console mode
  • vunl interface name lenght fix
  • Dynamips interfaces fix
3.0.1-17 04.01.2021
  • New templates, Catalyst 8000, FreeNAS, android and many more
  • Template updates
  • Node icons library
  • Guacamole security flaw fix
3.0.1-16 25.06.2020
  • Platform Migration from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04
  • New CPU / RAM management backend
  • Lab and Node management improvement
  • New UI design feature
 : label placement and 
line style options
  •  PDF support for Lab Task
– New preview engine
  • Support for POD number up to 32765
  • Screenshot Topology
  • Support for custom network icons
  • New set of dockers based on ubuntu 18.04
  • Main screen last directory visited preserved
  • Unlicensed warning
  • Main screen last directory visited preserved
  • Unlicensed warning

2.0.6-52 17.04.2020
  • New Docker engine
Fix mac address distribution
Increase the number of users declared in EVE DB up to 32k
Support up to 32768 POD ID
  • New template UTM
Third party Docker partial Support (Pro Cookbook section 14.1.10)
  • Docker in Docker For Complex Stacked Dockers (Pro Cookbook section 14.1.10)
  • Bug fixes for templates and labs

2.0.6-34 05.01.2020
  • Cisco Collaboration images support
    • Cisco Expressway-E, C
    • Cisco Meeting Server Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
    • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
    • Cisco Unity Express (CUE)
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM & Presence
  • Kerio FW image support
  • Qemu shutdown fix
  • Lock lab w/o password fix
  • Lab clone function fix
2.0.6-16 18.10.2019
  • Important security update
  • New HTML5 Console engine Guacamole 1.0
  • HTML5 console background color change option
2.0.6-8 15.11.2019
  • CPU utilization improvement, Less CPU use for more Qemu nodes
  • Added Qemu 4.1, support for new vendor images
  • Improved Windows hosts templates to support multi CPU usage Qemu 2.12.0
  • New icons for images, Servers, Velocloud, Versa Networks, NSX
  • Serial link capture, capture frame choose option, Ethernet, HDLC, FR, PPP
- Serial/Ethernet
  • Link suspend/resume feature  (link state) for Qemu, IOL and dockers
RDP user/password support for resize/autologin
  • Hide un-used images on the nodes list
- User resource limitation Quota GUI (editor and User roles, corporate edition)
  • Proxy settings GUI based
  • Radius settings GUI Based
  • EVE HDD critical available space alert GUI based
  • EVE Pro cookbook update
  • WEB browser cookies remembering user last settings on EVE WEB console, by default it is html5 console
  • Secured area EVE offline dockers repository (offline EVE)
  • User role is able to change link quality without saving (apply only)
  • Lab topology dark mode
  • User activity status (green/red) Green user is active and using EVE. Green status will be shown till EVE logging session expires after 1 hour.
  • Wireshark 3.0
  • Dockers online install fix
  • Dockers wipe fix (wipe node, didn’t stop the Docker)
  • Docker server disabled DHCP server bug
  • Update fix for IPv6 (disabled IPv6 stack on eve host)
  • Wipe the lab fix
  • Delete the lab fix, delete fron DB and from EVE
- Log size wrapper.txt bumping fix
  • Qemu nodes shutdown fix
2.0.5-21 10.06.2019
  • New notification bar
  • New management Lab / Node
  • Proxy support for license
  • New Kernel
  • Optimization of CPU Usage
  • Qemu 3.1 support fix
  • Sonicwall template update
  • Nokia VSR-I template update
  • Wireshark capture fix ( mtu > 1500 )
  • Template nic formating fix
2.0.5-12 18.04.2019
  • Brand new online licencing system allowing rehost EVE by user. Internet access is required
  • Consoles opening from nodes menu
  • New Image templates and icons: Viptela, Sophos, DCNM, SonicWall
  • Addedd Qemu 3.1
  • Ostinato 0.9 docker station
  • Lab opening fix
  • Text object editing bug fix
2.0.5-1 17.02.2019
  • Improved lab loading speed
  • Lab lock  and encrypted
  • New task feature to brings rich text instructions or documentation
  • Modify network type fix
  • Templates fixes
2.0.4-108 23.12.2018
  • Enhanced docker startup-config script (custom html web page, DNS settings)
  • Custom first ethernet interface MAC address for all qemu nodes support (licence apply where mgmt interface is in use)
  • Support secondary radius server
  • Improved lab loading speed
  • Improved Database auto clean
  • Monitor of remaining disk space (Alert of hdd overfilling)
  • Auto SQL db backup
  • new Cisco Datacenter Network Manager template
  • XE-IOS Fuji startup config fix
  • vEOS Arista Zerotouch startup config fix
  • vIOS L2 LACP MAC address fix
2.0.4-98 21.11.2018
  • Internal EVE lab chat, using webscocket.
  • Radius user authentication, CLI and GUI based.
  • Info about HDD/labs use per user, User info web GUI.
  • Custom image adding and template creation. Custom named interfaces, CLI based.
  • Delete nodes process faster.
Server-gui docker node web server issue, dockerfile fix.
  • Mass labs usage stress fix, htop, CPU stuck on 100% fix.
- SSL Certificate update fix
  • IOL nodes synclink for IOL nodes, Excesscoll problem fix.
  • Cloud selection issue fix.
  • Delete all connected links if node is deleted.
  • TMP folder cleanup fix.
- HTML console timeout fix.
  • Radius change to local auth bug fix.
2.0.4-77 20.09.2018
  • NEW HTML5 Engine support Clipboard access: Chrome browser fully supported for copy/paste from/to HTML5 console. Firefox promised to have it next update.
  • Link Quality: Ability to set delay, jitter, packet loss and rate on any ethernet link in the topology
  • HTML5 console enhancement: New control to minimize all, externalize console call
  • SSL Enforcement: SSL/HTTPS is now the only protocol used by EVE. HTTP is redirected to HTTPS.
  • UI general improvement: Topology design bugfix.
2.0.4-42 11.06.2018
  • New Guacamole
  • New shutdown methods for qemu nodes. Graceful shutdown, Stop node, Hibernate
Lab topology
  • UI improvement : Alignment, vertical, horizontal, circle
  • Improvement: Lab and Node management. Option to see and manage running labs and nodes per user.
  • Administator access to any running lab/node from any user to interact
  • New templates 
Templates updates Win/Linux/CSR
  • New Dockers (Improved EVE-GUI-Server, very useful as Server for labs or as management PC):- FF
- Chrome
- Java plugin , jws
- Flash plugin
- SSH Server
- Web Server
- tftp Server
- wireshark
- vlc
- iperf
- ansible
- napalm
  • vmxnet3 driver
  • Qemu 2.12
  • Daemons fixes (capture docker watchdog/ cpulimit)
  • Fix daemon capdog/cpulimit
2.0.4-24 12.04.2018
  • EVE PRO Engine Security Update
  • EVE PRO performance update
2.0.4-21 23.03.2018
  • Shared folder update for Learning Centre edition
2.0.4-20 21.03.2018
  • Docker upgrade to version 1.1
  • Multiconfiguration feature logic functionality update
  • HTML desktop feature update
  • HTML5 console feature update
  • EVE User access time feature