EVE PRO/LC version upgrade

EVE Professional or EVE Learning Centre upgrade to the newest version

Steps how to upgrade your EVE-NG Professional or EVE-NG Learning centre edition to the newest version
Pre-rquisities: Internet reachability from your EVE is a must!

RED RULE: DO NOT upgrade your Ubuntu version even it is offered on CLI, EVE-NG OS version is 20.04. Upgrade to the newer Ubuntu will fail all your EVE !

EVE-NG Update/Upgrade steps

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you have stopped all your running labs. All nodes in the EVE must be stopped before upgrade!

1. Free up your EVE Pro from older packages:

apt autoremove

2. make sure you have free space on EVE HDD, to check issue command. vg-root and /boot should not be in 100% or close to that.

df -h

3. Verify DNS, example, ping www.google.com, if success, follow step 4. If ping is not success, check your DNS IP assigned for EVE. Some of networks can be protected and disabled outgoing ping, make sure that your DNS is right and you are able reach internet and resolve names.

4. Execute command

apt update

5. Execute command, when it prompt to confirm, answer “Y”

apt dist-upgrade

NOTE: Making upgrade from older EVE Pro version, installation can ask to confirm some of installation steps:

Answer for screenshot above, N

Answer for grub: Keep the local version currently installed

5. After installation is successfully finished, reboot your EVE


6. VERY MPORTANT: After reboot make sure you have cleared your browser cache, cookies and history !!!