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Buy EVE-NG Corporate/Learning Center licenses

Warning: DO NOT use MS Internet explorer for buying, Recomended browsers are Chrome or FireFox.

Watch VIDEO how to order Corporate or Learning center license


 1. Before purchasing a license, the customer must have EVE-NG Professional installed and readily accessible.

    You can download EVE-NG Professional installation under the Downloads section or upgrade the Community version to EVE-NG PRO.

2. From EVE PRO WEB UI, top line obtain your License Request. License request will work only if the host machine (and hypervisor if running a VM) has Intel VT-x/EPT enabled!

    ( See EVE Pro Installation for details )

    Copy the content and keep it ready for the order process. Orders without a license request will not be processed.

You will get license request. Copy content of License Data for order use in step 6.

3. Go to SHOP EVE Learning Center portal and choose your Licenses and quantity. Unnecessary License options, simply delete from order with “Trash” sign.


EVE-NG PRO – Base License
This license unlocks all Pro features and two active Administrator accounts sessions.
EVE-PRO allows up to 128 accounts to be created but restricts the number of active sessions, per role, to the licensed amount. To increase the number of simultaneous account sessions, please purchase additional licenses below.

EVE-NG PRO – Administrator License
This license unlocks one additional active session for the Administrator role.
The Administrator role can manage everything in EVE-NG without restriction.
This includes creating, deleting, and modifying all folders, labs, nodes and accounts.
The Administrator is the only role that can create or modify accounts.

EVE-NG PRO – Editor License
This license unlocks one additional active session for the Editor role.
The Editor role is restricted to a personal folder and is authorized to create, delete, or modify additional folders, labs, and nodes within it.

EVE-NG PRO – User License
This license unlocks one additional active session for the User role.
The User role is restricted to a personal folder and is only authorized to start, stop, and wipe nodes. An Administrator account is required to manage folders and labs within a Users folder.

4. Choose your preferred  payment method. We supporting major bank cards, VISA, M/C, Wire transfer and PayPal.

5. Complete the order form. If you are company buyer, you must select Company option.

6. At the end fill up additional information and MANDATORY, please paste your license request, step 2

7. Please read and confirm EULA agreement

8. Submit order, The license will be issued immediately after order confirmation and sent to your email. Wire Transfer orders license will be issued after acceptance of payment.


EVE-PRO license re-hosting or reinstallation