EVE-NG Community Edition

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We are proud to offer free EVE-NG Community edition.

Current status:

v2.0.3-102 (19 November 2019)

v2.0.3-102 release notes

1. All EVE Pro supported images and templates are included in EVE Community
2. Custom image creation is same as for EVE Pro custom_templates.yml
3. All images icons are updated and matching EVE Pro
4. Updated Qemu versions up to 4.1, same as in EVE Pro
5. Dark mode for EVE topology background
6. CPU settings improvement for qemu nodes, like in the EVE Pro
7. Added all configurations export scripts from EVE Pro
8. Major upgrade to EVE Pro Kernel linux-image-4.20.17-eve-ng-ukms+

How to upgrade your EVE Community to the newest version