Qemu image namings

This table shows correct foldername for QEMU images used under EVE. As well right qcow image filename.


Qemu image location is /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/

Be sure that your image folder name starts as per table, after the “-” you are adding name and version of your image:

Foldername examples:



Inside of image folder must be placed HDD image with correct name like:

hda.qcow2 or virtioa.qcow2

Example: opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/acs-


Supported HDD formats in the EVE.

HDD format Example
lsi([a-z]+).qcow  lsia.qcow
hd([a-z]+).qcow  hda.qcow
virtide([a-z]+).qcow  virtidea.qcow
virtio([a-z]+).qcow  virtioa.qcow
scsi([a-z]+).qcow  scsia.qcow
sata([a-z]+).qcow  sataa.qcow

Note: If your image have more than one HDD, then HDD’s name last letter will change in alphabetic sequence: hda, hdb, hdc…., virtioa, virtiob,virtioc…

Qemu folder name EVE Vendor Qemu image .qcow2 name
a10- A10-vthunder hda
acs- ACS hda
asa- ASA ported hda
asav- ASAv virtioa
ampcloud- Ampcloud Private hda, hdb, hdc
alteon- Radware virtioa
barracuda- Barracuda FW hda
bigip- F5 virtioa, virtiob
brocadevadx- Brocade virtioa
cda- Cisco CDA hda
cips- Cisco IPS hda, hdb
clearpass- Aruba ClearPass hda, hdb
aruba- Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller hda, hdb
arubacx- Aruba CX Switch virtioa
coeus- Cisco WSA coeus virtioa
phoebe- Cisco ESA virtioa
cpsg- Checkpoint hda
csr1000v- Cisco CSR v1000 3.x
csr1000vng- Cisco CSR v1000 16.x virtioa
csr1000vng- Cisco CSR v1000 16.x SD-WAN
prime- Cisco Prime Infra virtioa
cucm- Cisco CUCM virtioa
cumulus- Cumulus virtioa
extremexos- ExtremeOS sataa
firepower- Cisco FirePower 5.4 NGIPS scsia
firepower- Cisco FirePower 5.4 FMC scsia
firepower6- Cisco FirePower 6.x NGIPS sataa
firepower6- Cisco FirePower 6.x FMC virtioa
firepower6- Cisco FirePower 6.x FTD virtioa
fortinet- Fortinet FW virtioa
fortinet- Fortinet SGT virtioa
fortinet- Fortinet mail virtioa, virtiob
fortinet- Fortinet manager virtioa
hpvsr- HP virt router hda
huaweiar1k- Huawei AR1000v virtioa
huaweiusg6kv- Huawei USG6000v hda
ise- ISE 1.x cisco hda
ise- ISE 2.x cisco virtioa
jspace- Junos Space virtioa
infoblox- Infoblox virtioa
junipervrr- Juniper vRR virtioa
kerio- Kerio Control Firewall sataa
linux- any linux virtioa
mikrotik- Mikrotik router hda
nsvpx- Citrix Netscaler virtioa
nsx- VM Ware NSX hda
nxosv9k- NX9K Cisco Nexus ( SATA best perf)
olive- Juniper hda
ostinato- Ostinato traffic generator hda
osx- Apple OSX hda + kernel.img
paloalto- PaloAlto FW virtioa
pfsense- pFsense FW virtioa
prime- Cisco Prime Infra virtioa
pulse- Pulse Secure virtioa
riverbed- vRiverbed virtioa, virtiob
silveredge- Silver Peak Edge hda
silverorch- Silver Peak Orchestrator hda
sonicwall- FW Sonicwall sataa
sourcefire- Sourcefire NGIPS scsia
sterra- S-terra VPN hda
sterra- S-terra Gate virtioa
stealth- Cisco StealthWatch hda
timos- Alcatel Lucent Timos hda
timosspm- Nokia Timos 19 virtidea
timosiom- Nokia Timos 19 virtidea
titanium- NXOS Titanium Cisco virtioa
vcenter- VMWare vCenter sataa ( 12G )
satab ( 1.8G )
satac ( 15G )
satad ( 25G )
satae ( 25G )
sataf ( 10G )
satag ( 10G )
satah ( 15G )
satai ( 10G )
sataj ( 1.0G )
satak ( 10G )
satal ( 10G )
satam ( 100G )
veos- Arista SW hda, cdrom.iso
veloedge- Velocloud Edge virtioa
velogw- Velocloud Gateway virtioa
veloorch- Velocloud Orchestrator virtioa, virtiob, virtioc
versaana- Versa Networks Analayzer virtioa
versadir- Versa Networks Director virtioa
versavnf- Versa Networks FlexVNF Edge virtioa
vios- L3 vIOS Cisco Router virtioa
viosl2- L2 vIOS Cisco SW virtioa
vtbond- Viptela vBond virtioa
vtedge- Viptela vEdge virtioa
vtsmart- Viptela vSmart virtioa
vtmgmt- Viptela vManage virtioa, virtiob
vmx- Juniper vMX router hda
vmxvcp- Juniper vMX-VCP virtioa, virtiob, virtioc
vmxvfp- Juniper vMX-VFP virtioa
vnam- Cisco VNAM hda
vqfxpfe- Juniper vQFX-PFE hda
vqfxre- Juniper vQFX-RE hda
vsrx- vSRX 12.1 Juniper FW/router virtioa
vsrxng- vSRX v15.x Juniper FW/router virtioa
vwaas- Cisco WAAS virtioa,virtiob,virtioc
vwlc- vWLC Cisco WiFi controller megasasa
vyos- VYOS virtioa
win- Windows Hosts (Not Server Editions) hda or virtioa(using driver)
winserver- Windows Server Editions hda or virtioa(using driver)
xrv- XRv Cisco router hda
xrv9k- XRv 9000 Cisco router