Operate with EVE initial configurations

This VIDEO will run through initial and startup configuration features. It will show how to setup your own startup configurations for further lab booting from it.

The list of Nodes which support configuration export:

Cisco Dynamips all nodes
Cisco IOL (IOS on Linux)
Cisco ASA
Cisco ASAv
Cisco CSR1000v
Cisco Nexus 9K
Cisco Nexus Titanium
Cisco vIOS L3
Cisco vIOS L2
Cisco XRv
Cisco XRv9K
Juniper VRR
Juniper VMX
Juniper vMX-NG
Juniper vSRX-NG
PFsense FW
Timos Alcatel
vEOS Arista

Configuration will be export straight to lab file, after, lab can be exported from EVE (zip lab file) and imported in another EVE. Saved initial configurations will be in and you can boot nodes from it.

Watch video above how to operate with it.