TrendMicro vTPS FW

Versions this guide is based on:

EVE Image Name Downloaded Filename Version vCPUs vRAM Console
trendmivtps- vTPS 2 8192 vnc


This how to is tested for image versions 5.2.0

Download template for EVE Community

Image template must be uploaded into EVE location /opt/unetlab/html/templates.

You must edit your EVE Community config.php file accordingle EVE Community cookbook section 12.3  “How to add custom image template”.

config.php file location is: /opt/unetlab/html/includes

Steps how to prepare the image

SSH to your EVE CLI:

Create temporary working directory for images:

mkdir abc
cd abc

Upload the downloaded image to the EVE using for example FileZilla or WinSCP. Then login as root using SSH protocol and uncompress it:

Unzip loaded image archive:

tar xvf tar xvf vTPS_vmw_5.2.0.1167.ova

root@eve-ng:~/abc# ls
vTPS_5.2.0.1167.cert   vTPS_vmw_5.2.0.1167.ova
vTPS_5.2.0.1167-disk1.vmdk  vTPS_5.2.0.1167.ovf

Our necessary image is marked in red above.

1. Create Trend Micro vTPS image folder:

mkdir /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/trendmivtps-

2. Convert VMDK image to qcow2 format:

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O qcow2 vTPS_5.2.0.1167-disk1.vmdk hda.qcow27

3. Move converted hda.qcow2 to the image folder:

vm hda.qcow2 /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/trendmivtps-

4. Remove temporary folder abc and fix permissions:

rm -rf /root/abc
/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermission