EVE-NG Cluster

EVE-NG Pro Cluster

EVE-NG Cluster is for everyone working in the Information Technology Sector. It  is  for  very  large  enterprise  companies,  training  facilities,  service  providers,  consultants, people who want to train themselves; it is for everyone, it is for YOU!

  • Scalability
  • Multi servers system as one EVE
  • Simple to complex labs across multi servers
  • Training center users classrooms
  • Various cluster designs and options
  • Different HW specification cluster members
  • Google Cloud Compute as cluster node

EVE-NG Cluster Presentation

EVE-NG Cluster System for single lab across multi EVE servers. It is solution for huge and scale proof of concept labs with many and heavy devices on the lab.

EVE-NG Cluster System for training facilities or enterprises allows assign Users per Cluster server.

This Feature allows you manage your EVE users from single point of management and assign them to dedicated cluster server

For full EVE-NG Cluster information and setup, please refer to EVE Pro Cookbook Chapter 15