EVE - The Emulated Virtual Environment for network and security professionals




EVE-NG is a new power of our previous project UnetLab. The same project team after investigation of UnetLab future possibilities came to decision for total platform change which allows make the EVE emulation software the best.

The new EVE platform is rebuilt accordingly today's world requirements expecting solution for enterprises, proof on concept, e-learning providers or centres and individual or group work.

The EVE is first world clientless multivendor's network emulation software what entitle network and security professionals with a huge opportunities in the networkers' world.

Watch  Here  Video Presentation of EVE....




Why choose EVE-NG:

  • Learning

    • With EVE, you will be able to train yourself including Cisco, Juniper and also lot of other vendors like CheckPoint, PaloAlto, F5 and many more.

  • Design

    • With EVE, you are able to construct the network, accordingly requirements  and plan the right design to validate solutions

  • Efficiency 

    • With EVE, With no risk you can easily and quickly reproduce and improve your real architecture in safe environment without risk to touch your real network

  • Flexibility

    • With EVE, you are able to confirm multivendor interaction. This flexibility means freedom of choice in key decision


Some Features:


  • KVM HW accelaration
  • Topology designer "click and play"
  • Import/export configuration
  • Labs xml file format
  • Picture import and maps "click and play"
  • Custom Kernel support for L2 protocols
  • Memory optimization ( UKSM )
  • CPU Watchdog
  • Full HTML5 User Interface
  • Ability to use without additionnals tools
  • Multiuser
  • Interaction with real network fully supported
  • simultaneous lab instances
  • Derivated  from Ubuntu LTS 16.04 server for long term support


EVE brings You the power You need to mastering your network within multivendor environment designing and testing.