Save your settings to be as default on Qemu node

How to commit own changes for EVE Qemu node:




1. Start node which you want edit make changes

2. Finish it, properly shutdown

Commit the installation to set it as the default image for further use in EVE-NG:

3. On the left side-bar within the lab in the EVE Web-UI choose “Lab Details” to get your lab’s UUID details: In this example: Lab UUID: 3491e0a7-25f8-46e1-b697-ccb4fc4088a2

4. Find out the POD ID of your used and the Node ID of your newly installed node.

The POD number is assigned to your username, and can be found in the EVE GUI, Management/User Management. The Admin user uses POD number 0 by default.

The Node ID can be obtained by right clicking the node on the topology. In this Example it is 8

5. From the EVE CLI, locate the installed image and commit your changes to be used as default for further use in EVE-NG:

cd /opt/unetlab/tmp/0/3491e0a7-25f8-46e1-b697-ccb4fc4088a2/8/

Make sure you are committing changes to right HDD name, virtioa.qcow2, hda.qcow2. This example is virtioa.qcow2

/opt/qemu/bin/qemu-img commit virtioa.qcow2