Upgrade EVE Community to Pro

How to upgrade EVE Community to EVE Professional

Steps how to upgrade your EVE-NG Community to EVE Professional
Pre-rquisities: Internet reachability from your EVE is a must!

Strong recommendation !!! Make backup all of your labs, Especially if you had used customized templates and settings

cd /opt/unetlab ;  tar -czvf /root/labs-backup.tgz labs

Update/Upgrade steps

1. Upgrade to latest version of EVE Community Edition(v2.0.3-92). To check the current version installed issue the following command in the CLI of EVE:

dpkg -l eve-ng

2. Must have enough HDD space available. Main evg-root HDD must have at least 10Gb free while the boot HDD must have 50Mb. To check how much space is available on your HDD issue the following command in the CLI of EVE:

df -h

Tip: You can free up some HDD space by removing unnecessary packages from your installation. To clean up boot hdd, issue the following command in the CLI of EVE and confirm with “Y”:

apt autoremove

3. Ensure your installation of EVE has internet and DNS access. Test by issuing the following command in the CLI of EVE

ping www.google.com


Upgrade steps

WARNING: Please be ready to purchase a license when upgrading, as you will not be able to run any nodes until a license is loaded.

1. To upgrade to EVE-NG Pro, issue the following commands in the CLI of EVE.

apt update

apt install eve-ng-pro

2. Reboot EVE

3. Next install docker support by issuing the following command from the CLI of EVE

apt update

apt install eve-ng-dockers

When dockers are properly installed, your EVE CLI output must show:

If you still see some docker line with  <none> please use reinstall dockers command

apt install --reinstall eve-ng-dockers

4. Continue to the EVE-NG Pro license purchase section of the website and follow the remaining instructions.